HIV/AIDS and STD/STI Prevention Education

In addition to working directly with LGBTQQ identified youth, we also aim to collectively build safer living and learning environments by working with adults who work with youth. Our team is often out and about offering training and education to those who request our services.

HIV/AIDS and STD/STI Prevention Education

Outlet trained staff is able to provide comprehensive education about HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections STIs.  Our workshops are culturally competent and age appropriate according to the California Health Education standards.

The HIV/AIDS and STD/STI prevention workshop inlcudes:

  • Risk factors for HIV, AIDS and other STIs
  • Ways of transmission
  • Short- and long-term effects of HIV, AIDS, and other STIs
  • STI rates among teens
  • Methods for the prevention of HIV, other STDs

If you would like to request a workshop, you can download the Request for Workshop form 2012, fill it out and email it to for consideration.  Please allow at least two weeks for scheduling.