Our team is more than just our staff. We have a dedicated team that includes our Empowerment Committee, Outlet Volunteer Corps, youth leaders, and many Community Supporters As a team, we have a much broader capacity to make a difference in the lives of LGBTQQ youth and surrounding communities. Thank you to all who have contributed your time, energy, or support since 1997.



Anthony William Ross


Anthony joined Outlet in 2003 to fearlessly coordinate and implement the many Outlet programs and services. With a Master’s degree in Health Education from SUNY Cortland, Anthony is a whiz at program design and evaluation. He took the director position of Outlet in the fall of 2008 and continues to provide support, leadership and education while performing all director responsibilities. Originally from upstate New York, Anthony resides in the Bay Area enjoying his cup of coffee and the beaches of Santa Cruz.



Sammy Maramba-Ferrell


Sammy joined Outlet in November 2010. Originally from the East Bay, he has a degree in Global Studies and minored in LGBTQ Studies from UC Santa Barbara. He has worked in both queer youth of color activism and public education in the Bay Area, Boston, and Santa Barbara for over 10 years. He believes in negotiating identity-politics for the purpose of self-discovery and building bridges between identity groups to envoke stronger community networks everywhere. The question of accessibility also applies to cross-generational work which inspires him to embrace and legitimize different values and forms of knowledge ranging from our elders’ wisdom to the insight from youth experiences. He hopes to encourage dialogue between homophobia, heterosexism and gender-discrimination platforms for growth in the queer community and for safer and supportive schools.



Rodrigo García


Originally from Mexico City, Rodrigo is a performer artist and an educator. He is a graduate from the National Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico City. As a theater artist, he has trained in participatory theater, devising theater for civic engagement, and improvisation among many other theater techniques and styles. As an educator/facilitator, Rodrigo has been involved in LGBTQ Education and HIV Prevention Education for over 20 years, working mostly with Latino youth and adults. In 2007, he started De Ambiente, the only Spanish speaking support group for LGBT Latino youth in the San Francisco Bay Area. Rodrigo is also co-founder of Colectivo ALA (Acción Latina de Ambiente) in San José. Colectivo ALA’s mission is to provide a safe space for free expression, individual growth and community development for non-hetero conforming Latinos and Latinas. Rodrigo is a graduate of 1st Act’s Multicultural Arts Leadership Institute; a Theater Communications Group Fellow, and a member of the National Latino Arts and Culture Association